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Biographie Work Smarter, Not Harder: 8 Ultra-Effective Ways To Increase Your Productivity
Whether in our academic career or in life, must strive to achieve more in less time. Wouldn't it be amazing to do a task in a couple of hours instead of investing half a day?  
According to the best minds associated with reputed assessment help services in Australia, most, when faced with a dozen tasks at a time, decide to work longer hours and push themselves to the point of exhaustion to get things done. But, this truly isn't the best way to go about it. Rather, it's time to learn the more effective ways to work smarter and not harder.
Working smarter, not harder, includes remarkably managing your time, knowing what needs to get done and when, and making use of tools that will enable you to stay on track. Luckily for you, we’ve put together an extensive list of easy-to-incorporate strategies to help you get the most out of your day by working smarter, not harder.
Let’s dive right in!
  • Stop Multitasking [/*]
If you didn’t get the memo yet- multitasking is nothing but a myth. It’s simply impossible to focus on multiple tasks that need real brainpower. And, when you try to do it, you risk sacrificing your mental health hugely.
It may feel like you are effectively managing all these moving pieces, but switching between countless tasks makes it difficult to fully complete even one task. Thus, it's high time you stop letting your work suffer and instead try single-tasking your way throughout the day.
  • Get In A Study Routine [/*]
It's completely normal to go with the flow sometimes. But, when it comes to handling your study responsibilities effectively, a routine works the best. When chalking out your routine, try to create eating habits, bedtime habits, studying habits, writing assignment habits, social habits, exercise habits, and the like.
This is because when you build habits, your brain starts performing these tasks automatically and more efficiently, helping you do things without consciously thinking about them.
  • Establish Deadlines [/*]
There are no impossible goals, only impossible deadlines”- Dan Sullivan
It is impossible to work productively and efficiently if you’ve too much going on every day. Setting impossible deadlines and having long to-do lists compels you to work harder and longer.
If you desire to work smarter, make sure to become realistic about the deadline required for each task or assignment. To become more productive, invest extra time to complete the work within the deadline. Further, try to set effective yet smart goals to be more realistic and timely.
  • Chunking Similar Tasks Together Is The Key [/*]
A close look at reputed homework essay forums will help you understand that batching similar tasks can make you more efficient as you're not switching back and forth between different types of assignments. This is especially useful for small tasks as you can knock out a batch at once.
Additionally, you can be intentional about blocking off time for things that tend to distract you while studying or working on your assignments- like answering text messages or checking your Instagram feed. You can even chunk small tasks together and get them done between lectures.
  • Concentrate on Progress, Not Perfection [/*]
Do you know you can increase productivity and get more done when you concentrate on progress and not perfection? Most of you waste time in an effort to make everything perfect.
Perfectionism can cause you to work harder and not smarter by continuously making perfect things that could be completed in half the time. To prevent this, concentrate on making progress towards your objectives instead. Try to do any work to the best of your abilities and move on.
  • Adjust Your Tools [/*]
A famous industrial engineer, Frederick Taylor, who worked for Bethlehem Steel, unraveled that workers increased productivity fourfold simply by adjusting the size of their shovels in relation to the material they were scooping.
Similarly, you also need to use the right tools and apps when working on your assignments. If you strive with ideas scattered across various notebooks and sticky notes, consider using apps like Evernote, Notion, or OneNotedupl. Again, if you struggle to proofread papers effectively, make use of grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers like Grammarly, Duplichecker, or WhiteSmoke.
  • Work In 90-120 minute blocks [/*]
Try taking more breaks and dividing your day into 90-minute or 2-hour segments to maximize your brain’s capacity to concentrate and enhance your overall productivity. Also, make sure to adhere to your break schedule and remain focused on your work during your 90-minute work periods.
  • Focus Your Time On Results [/*]
When it comes to productivity, most people concentrate on the time and effort taken to complete a project rather than the result itself. Concentrating on accomplishing a specific result enables you to work smarter and increases productivity. It also enables you to leverage time as you become wholly focused on the result.
Furthermore, focusing on results, not on time spent, will enable you to accomplish faster and better results. This mindset cuts through the inefficiency, thereby increasing confidence and motivation.
As soon as you start to work smarter, not harder, you will tend to experience a boost in your daily productivity. Use these eight foolproof strategies to help you in your study, life, and even side gigs. The moment you adopt smarter ways of studying is the moment you decide to become more productive.
The key to greater productivity and bigger results is to work smart and not hard. Learning to work smarter can enhance your productivity and performance while improving your focus and time management. Here, in today's post, we have highlighted certain actionable strategies you must adopt to use your time and energy effectively, thereby making faster progress on your challenging tasks.
Author Bio
Alison Lewis is an eminent career coach and an active blogger. Professionally, he has been working for for 10+ years now. If you also need cdr writing services in Australia, feel free to reach out to him directly. 
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